Monday, November 26, 2007

Bride & Wolfe

I bought a new mobile for the nursery last week at the Magnolia Square market. It is made by Bride & Wolfe and I just couldn't resist the Mummy & Baby sweet. This photo was taken looking into the nursery which is in the process of being painted. I think the mobile will eventually hang above the change table to entertain baby.
The gorgeous Bride & Wolfe mobiles are made in Melbourne and can also be found at Douglas & Hope; and Moss.


Francesca said...

oh that's gorgeous! love the colour. will certainly entertain the baby.

yes, your ladle and i had a giggle at the book fair. we didn't sell as much that day, she's a bad influence! wish you and the bump could've popped by too. x

Sixty Six Stitches said...

The bump would have loved it!!!
I'm so excited to be meeting your little neice for the first time. The count down is on now. xox

Francesca said...

you'll love her, she's a hoot!

and i also wanted to say thank you...i had my 100th order the other day, and if it wasn't for you and your blog, i wouldn't know anything about etsy at all.
so thank you sweet melou!

Sixty Six Stitches said...

Oh, no problem Fran. I'm just so happy that you're such a success. I'm very proud!!!! You're a whiz. x

ladle said...

oh look at you two chattering away - by bestie and my sister....yes, mills is a hoot, just like her ma!!