Friday, January 18, 2008

Apron Time

Here is a little apron I made this afternoon. Inspired by Moving hands blog entry on the Japanese film “Kamome Shokudou”, set in Finland. Head on over to Moving hands where you can watch a snippet of the film on YouTube and also be inspired.

While on my apron investigation I came across these fantastic numbers on etsy today..the first, by City Girl Apron....and these by Pretty Dirty.

I couldn't resist posting a new picture of Chewie, looking.... oh, so sweet!!! Don't you love the head tilt.

I made a little quilt for his bed. I even used the heat bond paper to applique his name was a lot of fun and easier than I'd imagined. The only problem is he keeps peeing on it (I'll post a photo next week once it's pee free)!


nicole said...

I hear you re the peeing on the bed :) I've sewn our new addition a bed....that he pees on! Going to sew a couple more to rotate through the sewing machine!

nicole said...

Umm I meant to say to rotate through the WASHING machine! LOL. Sorry :)

66 Stitches said...

That's a good idea. Last night was pee free, so fingers crossed it continues.

gracia said...

What a sweet little face your Chewie has... and I'm sure he loves his handmade with love quilt.