Monday, June 23, 2008

hello again!

Hello again. I'm slowly starting to get some more me time back into my day.....even if it is with a baby strapped to my chest, snoring his little head off.

I'm craving a creative project and dream of quilt designs while doing the 4am feed, all of which I'm taking as a good sign that my creative mojo is starting to return.
Inspired by so many of the gorgeous gifts little Z.J. received (I'm still blown away by everyone's generosity...thank you, thank you) I'm ready to tackle some crafting again. I've been trawling through my copy of Vogue Living (thanks to my gifted subscription, gotta love magazine subscriptions arriving in the post!)looking for further inspiration and........ in a rather round about way I discovered PingMag MAKE. It's an online Japanese Mag dedicated to interviewing Japanese craftsmen, engineers, entrepreneurs, and inventors in rural areas. A new interview is updated weekly. It's totally inspiring.

Miss Woolly made this lovely little school house for Z.J. I love everything about it, the school bell, skipping girl and teacher writing on the blackboard...but I think my favorite thing is the stitching on the roof. Clever Lady!

and the above name plaque lovingly x-stitched by Greta, in Italy, hangs permanently on his bedroom door. The best presents ever!


Ravenhill said...

how lovely that you are wearing your baby. I did too and that sure helped to manage to get things done. Great that you are dreaming up projects. It is hard to find time though when they are that age!

What a pretty house!

ladle said...

gorgeous. good to have u back!