Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wrapping it all up.

Ziya sitting in his new chair, in the bathroom, while I get ready for the day.

Our new cushions. Made by me.

Things have been rather crazy around here organising for our big move. We have the expats moving into our place on the 6th of September, so I guess that means we'll be out of here and up to Sydney on the 5th. We've still yet to find a furnished apartment to lease.....but I guess it'll happen when the right one is ready (It happened!! We found an apartment in Potts Point today. Hooray).

I've almost finished my Baby Shower gift for Bekka and I did sew 3 new cushion covers the other day while baby Ziya was taking an extended nap. This however has been the extent of my creative outlet...unless you call making neat piles of things to go and things to stay and packing boxes a creative persuit?!

I did order this wrap cardigan pattern from 6.5 Stitches the other day.... it's a little project that will stay in the pipeline for Sydney though.


Ellieboo said...

That is a cute picture of your little one. You will love Potts Point - so close to the City, the Botanical Gardens, the Art Gallery. I used to live in Woolloomooloo many years ago and loved it there.

66 Stitches said...

Thank you elliboo. I'm getting very excited about the move to Sydney now. There's going to be so much to search and discover.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Your little boy looks so cute! Aren't those Bumbos a great invention. My little one was a bit too chubby in the thigh department and got a bit stuck in his a number of times!

Good luck with your move. I 'm sure your beautiful new cushions will help brighten your new home.

ladle said...

hee hee you've got a bumbo. milly hated it as she was always getting stuck too, but ziya looks like he fits it a treat - very cute indeed!

Francesca said...

what a sweetie he is melinda, watching you get ready in the morning! so handsome.
ahh potts point. getting envious now. hope your move is as stress-free as it could possibly be and that you get settled soon. x