Friday, May 1, 2009 in Melbourne

Tessuti are opening their first Melbourne store. This is so exciting!!
I just loved the Tessuti store in Surry Hills and spent much time sifting through the rolls of fabric during our stint in Sydney. So it's with great excitement that I await my first visit to their Flinders Lane store, opening this Saturday, 2nd May.

Thank you and welcome Tessuti!!
I'm off on a baby-free, girls weekend to Lorne. We'll be all rugged up reading books, sleeping in, eating and drinking yummy things while all the Dad's play Mr Mom. Heaven...(though, I'm bound to be itching to see the Little Man again by Sunday. I'm already excited about the idea of seeing him again and I haven't even left).

Have a great weekend. xo

Photo courtesy of the Tessuti website.


Nikki said...

Have a lovely break. Sounds heavenly.

Francesca said...

ooh how lovely, hope you had a great time. my boys went camping for one night at the weekend. missed them a lot but oh so nice to wake up on my own! x

66 Stitches said...

It was lovely thanks ladies. It's just so nice to take time to do things...things as simple as eating a slice of toast. x

Belinda said...

Mel I need to reunite you with your gift from the blog dinner. Can you email me your new address in Melbourne.