Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moss stitch basinette blanket

I'm making a little Moss stitch basinette blanket for the baby. It's been a slow process because every time I get distracted (thanks to Chewie) I have to undo my row and start again. I'm a big fan of moss stitch. My obsession started some time ago with a mystery person, walking down Carlisle Street, wearing a lovely moss green moss stitch scarf....(That must be at least two years ago now). Here's a photo of the moss stitch scarf I made last year, back in the days of Miss Woolly.

For those of you who remember... I receieved a Gocco printer for Christmas....well, you'll notice I have done sweet nothing with it. I really am excited by it but for some reason, damn nervous too. Fingers crossed, next week is the week.


Nan said...

I too have a thing for moss stitch. This looks lovely, I'm sure the baby is going to love it!

66 Stitches said...

Thanks Nan. Hopefully I get it finished in time.