Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ink & Spindle

I've been trying to nut out fabric combinations for a quilt I've been commissioned to make for lovely little Ella Bella and I've ordered this fabric from Ink & Spindle.... lets hope it goes with the other fabrics I purchased at Amitie a while back on a trip to Melbourne.

We went for brunch with Kathy at Yuga Floral Design Cafe today and checked out Glebe. Kathy (who loves to walk) took us on a lovely stoll around the suburb, admiring the stunning houses as we edged our way closer to the peninsula. I think the LF is quite taken by Glebe....we could be heading back that way very soon.

The LF is cooking me dinner, so i must get going for a taste sensation. Hope you're all having a great weekend. xo


Miss Woolly said...

You'll have to share some of your Work in Progress photos! Lovely fabric. I can't wait to see how it all ends up.x

66 Stitches said...

Hello Miss Woolly & thank you! I will I promise. I've had a little mishap with my camera....I somehow dropped it, juggling a pram and baby out of the car. opps. xox

Ellieboo said...

good choice of material - I have been eyeing up their lovely prints too

66 Stitches said...

How special are they all. I'm loving their whole set up over at Ink & Spindle. i'd like to move into their studio.