Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missing....in the outback.

1. Bath time sml, 2. IMG_6577sml, 3. our companions, 4. truck...WOW, 5. come on in Ella, 6. Taking a stroll wilpena pound, 7. Ziya spotting wildlife sml, 8. Me & Ziya sml, 9. Wiggles watching sml, 10. Ziya & Sheep sml, 11. Flying over Lake Eyre sml, 12. 4 wheel drive sml

Life has been rather busy around here lately, which is why I've just dropped off the face of blogland. A trip to the Fliners Ranges seemed to dominate my time. Organising, making lists, packing, reducing and repacking (still to be 30 kilos over?!). Then came the driving, more driving and still more driving. South Australia is such a stunning state thankfully which made the long hours at the wheel, while 2 toddlers sat in the back watching the Wiggles on their portable DVD player (an absolute must when traveling with kids!), a breeze.

The trip was initiated by my good friend, Sheriden Rhodes, a freelance travel writer. She came up with the idea about 3 months after we'd given birth to our children, Ella & Ziya, (born 23 hours apart. Sheriden & I had met at prenatal classes and discovered we lived 3 doors apart)...so it's not hard to understand why I was a little dubious about the idea of 2 women, 2 babies and a trip to the outback. Blimey, I was still reeling from the whole new born baby whirlwind. The idea of a boot load of nappies, a dusty open road, no local chemist, supermarket or spouse to help soothe a crying baby didn't exactly rouse my enthusiasm.

Almost a year later I was coerced and we were bound for SA's outback. 2 chicks, 2 toddlers, a boot load of nappies ....and an open road.

We had an absolute ball. Amid nappies, bottles, snack supplies, nap times, Wiggles and feeding there was plenty to keep us on the hop. We flew over Lake Eyre in flood. Wow, stunning. What an incredible country we live in. I was awestruck...... However, it was the first time I'd ever been on such a tiny plane, a 4 seater cessna! I was indeed sick (luckily there were a couple of spare sick bags floating around or things could have been quite messy). Our delightful pilot, Nick, reassured me this thing happens 'all the time'...... needless to say after 4 hours of flying I was a little green and wobbly.

Other highlights for me were our night at Rawnsley Park in one of their amazing Eco Villas (I'd highly recommend staying here even if it's just to view the stars from your bed through a remote controlled skylight), a sheering demo, The Prairie Hotel in Parachilna (population 8), our tour of the Leigh creek mine and flying over Lake Eyre and Wilpena Pound, driving through Brachina Gorge and admiring the beautiful sandstone farmhouses sitting amidst lush green fields on the drive from Orroroo to the Clare Valley.

The trip was an amazing adventure with lots of laughs and thanks fully not too many melt downs. The portable DVD was our savior. Second to that the kinderkot was a winner! Ziya happily pops himself in their to sleep wherever we go now...no fuss. It's easy to assemble and folds down into a tiny bag, perfect for traveling (I think everyone should have one).

After 8 days on the go we were all exhausted, utterly and totally. It took us all quite some time to recover. I know I was in bed by 9.30pm every night the following week and Ziya did some record breaking daytime napping. It was an incredible experience and I am so very grateful to Sheriden and Ella for taking Ziya and I along. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxox

PS. Sheriden's article featured on the cover of the Sydney Morning Herald Drive section last Friday (Yay Sherry!). You can read a copy over here at Essential Baby.


Suzy said...

Hey there,
I spotted you in Drive on Friday - such a surprise! It looks like you and Ziya had a fabulous trip. And he's so grown up now!
Hope you're well.

Scruff said...

That's fantastic Belles...and loved to read it from your perspective. Miss you two. Feel a bit sad the adventure's over! xx