Sunday, August 9, 2009

St Kilda Mums

There are very few things Ziya receieved as a baby that he still wears/uses to the present day (such as the much loved teddy pictured here) and there are plenty of things that had such a short lifespan (in some cases, wear only!)

I still marvel at the amount of clothing a new born baby churns through. I felt like I was sorting out Ziya's clothes draw on a weekly basis the first few months of his life. Now there are the bags of outgrown clothes that seem never ending. While reading through the local Divercity (official Newsletter of Port Phillip) I cam across an article on the 'St Kilda Mums'. They are a network of mother's who work together to collect and sort donations of baby and children's clothing, toys, books and equipment and then redistribute them, via the maternal helth system, to local families in need. I love it! Well done ladies. I have a big bag of goods coming your way.

While on the subject of articles...the lovely Mel, of The Hip Infant, has witten a piece about our trip to the Flinders on her blog. Thanks Mel. Now there's one inspisational woman...4 kids, a thriving business, home renovations, a fitness plan...that she sticks to and endless amounts of energy. Hat's off to you Mel and thank you. x

While you're over at Mel's blog take a look at the entry on Baby Lunchbox. I marveled at this but for completely different reasons. Where do people find the time...?

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