Monday, October 22, 2007

I was introduced to the delights of the Hippeastrum last year when we were given one by the L.F's grandmother, as a house warming present.
This year our Hippeastrum has bloomed and now we have two new bulbs and at present three of these glorious flowering trumpets. I find it such a treat to walk out into our garden at this time of year and spy new growth. Spring, for me, really is such a magical time. So, I thought I'd share it with you.

I started work on this quilt top on Friday. It's for friends of ours, who had a baby boy last week. I'm impressed with my progress. There's nothing like a quiet weekend away to finish off craft jobs, especially if the sun don't shine... (it was 18 degrees in Lorne and 34 in Melbourne...go figure, Lorne seems to have a micro climate of it's own).
This morning I've been off to Spotlight to purchase the backing fabric and batting. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I haven't made up my mind, Spotlight were having a massive "20% off Sale Today Only". The queues were quite another thing. It was almost as bad as the Myer Stocktake Sale in there.
Now it's time to finish my quilt and get myself organised for gocco printing with Anna tomorrow. I can't wait.

Oh yes, while I remember two new blogs I've come across which I thought were worth a mention are Two straight lines and Rummage. You may already know them but to me they're new friends. xox


nan said...

Well, aren't you the lovely one mentioning this little wee blogger! Thanks and I look forward to the end result of the quilt top.
Nan x

Kristine said...

How funny - I'm having a gocco morning tomorrow with my friend Jen. We'll have to share the results of our morning's work.

Sixty Six Stitches said...

So many similarities. What fun. Enjoy your printing. I'll post a finished piece up later in the week.