Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Apple & Eve

I received this sweet parcel in the post from Germany yesterday. It came from Eva over at Apple & Eve. It was so beautifully wrapped... I didn't want to untie it. The wrapping was hand stitched with lovely wool and the thank you card....ohhhh.

This delightful bird was inside. He's even more delicate and beautiful than I imagined. You can see more of Eva's creations (there are birds, bunnies & kitties) over at her Etsy Store. Thank you Eva, I really do love him! xo


eva said...

Thank You so much for your sweet words!
I love wrapping my birds and I would have same dilemma opening it:)
As for Thank You cards - these are a find from Etsy :) I love Etsy!

Sixty Six Stitches said...

Everything was just so perfect Eva. Many, many thanks. Melinda x

Francesca said...

i love it too, a new etsy favourite.