Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The Little Fella bought our bump these booties on the weekend. They are hand made in New Zealand and available from Belki in Rathdowne St, North Carlton (Or directly from NZ here). Possibly, not too P.C. but very, very cute.

The little cardigan I mentioned in the previous entry arrived in the post today and it's even sweeter than it looks in the photo. It's brown, not grey and has lovely flecks running through the wool. Yay, for another successful etsy purchase.

Below is a photo of Miss Woolly's lovely wall hangings, in the nursery.


Miss Woolly said...

Awwww! I am so thrilled to be hanging in the bumps nursery!! I LOVE the little booties. Am so excited and can't wait till late April, early May!!!


66 Stitches said...

Oh, thank you Miss Woolly! Everyone who see them just loves your pieces. They really are so beautiful. xox

nan slaughter said...

Thanks for posting how to get these darling booties! I've ordered up some for my grandbaby - who is due to arrive any day now!! Nan

66 Stitches said...

No problem Nan. Your grandbaby is going to love them. Exciting times!!