Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I couldn't resist

I bought this gorgeous little hand knitted top yesterday on Etsy from Galloping Daisies. All of their items are fibre grown and harvested in NZ, made with handspun yarns and are handknitted....who could resist that!

Then, I went on to buy 4 pair of these fantastic Knotty Legs -Leggings for baby or toddler. Knotty Baby Wear are closing their shop (temporarily, while they move) and are offering free shipping on all of their orders until 17th March. So be quick. They are also responsible for those fabulous crochet cowboy boots, which unfortunately, have all sold out. So be quick.


Miss Woolly said...

Hello 66!

Adorable! How beautiful is bub going to look! So cute.

Katrina had a boy last week called Ted Smith. How cute is that name.

Everything is so cute!!


ladle said...

very naughty indeed ladle!!