Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm fried.

The heat has got to me.

All my Friday intentions of getting down to the Stitches and Craft Show & Magnolia Square, Brighton, have melted away with the heat (sorry Eliza!).

All I want to do is dive into a cool blue sea.
I think it's a combination of the 40 degree day and being 33 wks pregnant...

Right now Antartica looks very appealing
(as would this lovely Kim Hargraves
Ice Blue Nan Jacket .....if I were in Antartica!).


Nikki said...

'Twould have been lovley to meet you (and ELiza) at Stitches and Craft, but alas, it was not to be... My days with Living Creatively were Weds, Thurs and Sat. I was planning Magnolia Square for today, too - and don't even have PREGNANCY as an excuse - it's just TOO HOT to leave the air-conditioned areas of the house!!

66 Stitches said...

Phew!!! I'm glad someone else was feeling the heat too. What a ahame we didn't get to meet but hopefully sometime soon.

Miss Woolly said...

Hi, I can understand the heat was awful. I stepped out of Stitches and Craft and nearly dropped to the ground! I'm feeling the Nanna cardigan idea.. totally into Autumn right now! x