Monday, July 28, 2008

Daylesford & the big chill

We spent a winters weekend up at Daylesford staying with Tom, Sherry and little Ella, who is 23hrs older than Ziya .
The weekend invovled a rather brisk walk around the lake, the temperature reached an all time high of 3 degrees yesterday, brrrrh; an expensive detour via the wine bar on the way home, to thaw out over a couple of Barbar beers; a lovely meal at Mercato on Saturday night, while Ella & Ziya slept under the table in their capsules; breakfast at Cliffy's (thank you to the lovely "stranger" who helped pacify a rather overwrought Ziya) and some serious cat napping.

I love the colours and the reflections in these photos. If you can handle the cold, it's just beautiful up there at this time of year. Nature really is amazing.

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