Monday, July 7, 2008

Lotta Prints

Thanks to a post I came across over at Betty Ninja, I discovered Lotta Jansdotter's latests book. It's called Lotta Prints ......and I ordered myself a copy today.
It was released in the USA in March and covers all sorts of printing processes from stencils, rubber stamps to potato prints. It covers techniques for beginners (like me) through to the more advanced (like 6 months time, lets hope). I love the simplicity of Lotta's work and have been wanting to do some fabric printing of my own, so who better to guide me?!

Now, the hard part, I just have to sit tight and wait for it to arrive.


bettyninja said...

super great book! Thanks for stopping by my blog. the book has super easy things to try and lots of great ideas. it seriously hs opened up a crazy amont of ideas for me. can't wait to see what you drea up

66 Stitches said...

Thanks Betty Ninja. I love what you've done and the idea for the quilt is swell. I'm vert excited to try out some printing on all of the calico scraps I have here.

Anna said...


I don't have your email address sorry, so I'm leaving the message here -

Last night I randomly drew out swap partners today and your partner is Rebecca from Bekka( Her first baby is due around the end of November.

The aim is to have your swaps posted by the end of August. Rebecca's e-mail address is, I was hoping you'd be able to email her to swap contact details - or let me know your email address and I'll let her know. Also, if you don't mind.. send me a photo of what you receive in your swap so we can all see what everyone gets!

Thanks again for signing up, I hope you have fun!.

Cheers, Anna.

66 Stitches said...

Thanks Anna. I'll get in touch with Rebecca today!