Monday, July 14, 2008

We're on the move

Ziya's first outing to the Galleon, St Kilda, aged 6 days.

We're packing up family and heading to Sydney for 6 months. I've always imagined I would live in Sydney at some stage in my life but not right now and not as quickly as it's manifested. The Big Fella has opened an office in Surry Hills and needs to be up there for a few months to get everything on track. So me and the Little Fella will be hitting the streets of Sydney, in Ziya's new 3 wheeler, discovering all the crafty-ness on offer.

Hollabee has a great post on Sydney shopping from a recent trip. There are plenty of places I've never been, so it'll be fun to discover these.

RUDOLF Clothing for individuals run courses in tailoring and they are based in Surry Hillls, how perfect.

Here are some other helpful links I found in the wee hours of the morning, while in a prefeed, sleepless haze.
Material Obsession in Hunters Hills (wherever that is?).
Sydney Quilt supplies
Art supply stores directory
Tessuti blog

Oh, just for a laugh, take a look at this fantastic photo by Catalia over at Flickr.


Francesca said...

wow! how fantastic. and nice to know it's only for a little while so you know you are coming home again. unless you stay...

i've been having some real sydney moments recently...missing it and feeling like i really need to go back for a holiday. if we do, we'll have to have tea with our little fellas!

Belinda said...

Give me a shout if your up for a little blog meet up while your in Sydney. I meet up with a couple of others once a month at Moore park which isn't far from Surry Hills.

66 Stitches said...

Oh yes Fran please do come and visit. It would be so much fun! You me and our little fellas having tea in the park on a rug.
....and belinda I would be delighted to join you guys for a catch up while I'm in Sydney. Thanks for inviting me.

Colette said...

Hi !Thanks for the mention. I hope you pop in and say hello. Let me know when you will be popping in so that I will be sure to be there - I'm a bit here and there these days.It's always nice to meet a fellow blogger.

I am also starting a class with Rudolf and can't wait. I could always learn something new.


SadieandLance said...

I clicked into your comments to let you know about our crafty mum's group...but Belinda beat me to it! Looking forward to seeing you there. Good luck with the move.