Friday, September 12, 2008

Calm end to a crazy day

I managed to lock myself in the car today with the lights flashing, alarm and horn both blaring........and subsequently a startled and screaming baby. Poor little Ziya got the fright of his life. I was trying to be ever so quiet and let him sleep in his carseat but somehow managed to press something (God knows what) and set the whole shebang off.
This came after a rather pointless trip out to Spotlight Bondi.
I think I've been totally spoilt by the new set up at the South Melbourne Spotlight. It was quite a shock to tackle the Bondi store...(to give you an idea it looked like a bomb had gone off in a Hot Dollar shop). I hope they have plans to renovate soon!

After a restorative afternoon nap we've managed to turn the day around. We had a lovely stroll this afternoon, along this path up above, did a spot of shopping and picked up some incredible crème caramel for dessert from the gorgeous little patisserie across the road.

Now I'm off to make home made pizza's and enjoy the bottle of wine I picked up while doing the spot of shopping. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo


ladle said...

oh my goodness that must've been pretty scary, but it sounds like you've had a lovely end to the day and your dinner will be delish

Ellieboo said...

Yep Bondi Spotlight is U.G.L.Y. - it is the store I go to most often because I can get there by public transport but it is pretty awful.

Hope little Ziya got over his fright - it always happens when you are trying to be quiet!!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I hope you had a much cakmer weekend!

Not all Spotlight stores are created equal, are they? I must go and try the South Melbourne store, as it sounds like it might be nicer than my local.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Um, sorry about the dodgy spelling ... that would be "calmer" ... I think I got up too early this morning!

66 Stitches said...

Thank you ladies. A very calm weekend was had, afternoon naps, long walks and brunches with friends. Perfect. xox

pauline said...

The photo in this post took my breath away! We moved away from Rushcutters 5.5 years ago, but I still remember the park like the back of my hand (nice new lampposts)! And as the weather gets colder and the days shorter here I get a little homesick. I do not however miss Spotters or BJ (altho I understand the latter is completely different)!

It's funny that I came across your blog through several links... I'll be back!

Francesca said...

loving these updates melinda, sounds like you're all doing very well. how was your blind-walk-date? and how is ziya doing with the new surroundings?
isi is also not down with the car alarm. it freaks him out!

66 Stitches said...

Thanks Fran. Ziya is loving Sydney, or so it seems. He's started sleeping through the night and smiling a whole lot more.... all good signs to me. The blind date went well. We have amother walk date next week.
I'm glad you enjoyed the photo of Rushcutters Bay Pauline, it's such a beautiful place.

potty mouth mama said...

The Spotlight store in Birkenhead Point is not bad.. I know it's not Bondi, but it's pretty good.

I've managed to lock my son in the car before - in a shopping centre car park. It was terrible! My phone was also in the car - a lovely stranger lent me her mobile to call the NRMA. I can definitely commiserate!

Rushcutter's Bay is definitely a good antidote to stressful situations!

66 Stitches said...

Thanks for the neads up on Birkenhead Point. I have no idea where that is yet but I'm sure my trusty nav man will get me there.

That child in the car and you outside the car incident does sound terrifying!!!