Friday, September 26, 2008

X-stitch in the Park

We did a little X-stitch in the park today. Little by little this x-stitch is coming along. I wanted to make something for Ziya's birth, which recorded all of his birth details. I still have the newspaper announcement that my parents placed upon my birth but seeing announcements aren't really the done thing these days....I decided on a x-stitch. You can see my progressive updates over at Flickr here, here & here.

We then came home and did some more freezer paper stenciling and transformed the ugliest cushion in the world (but boy is it good for feeding!) into something more respectable using the templates from Lotta Jansdotter's Lotta Prints Book.

Then it was time to try some apple for the first time ..........and this is what happened.

There was quite a lot of gagging involved!

Tomorrow I start my sewing course here and then we're heading off to Bundeena for the night. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xox


bettyninja said...

I love that little cross stitch your doing. great idea to have it as a record. Keep showing more pics! I've also tried that stencil from Lotta's book and like it a lot!

p said...

hee hee, love the apple shots ladle!!