Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Fathers all ye fathers out there

The sun came out to play and so did we. Thank you Sydney.

It's Father's Day today so I'll start this post with a very special Father's Day wish to my Dad, big bad Baz. Thanks for being such a wonderful dad! We wish he was here in Sydney with us to celebrate.....and secondly, to the LF. It's his first Father's Day. Hooray, what a super Dad he is to the little 'Z' man too.

To kick things off we opened presents and ate pancakes (made from this recipe as none of our cookbooks have arrived yet). Then we set off on foot to discover our neighborhood.
Above is one of my favorite gardens in the area. I love the magnolia tree, the frangipani and the wisteria hanging from the gorgeous Juliet balcony. To my delight, there are plenty of fabulous old frangipani trees in Sydney. I'm a huge fan of the frangipani but unfortunately Melbourne's climate is not terribly kind to their slightly more tropical needs.
I saw a lovely Beci Oprin print in a little gallery on the corner of Burton & Crown Street's... the shop was closed and I can't remember the name of it. I'll just have to weave my way back there and take a look...... however it could be dangerous. When I peered through the window there were so many beautiful pieces of artwork. I fear I may not be able to come home empty handed.
We continued on to Object Gallery and took a look at the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award Exhibition. I particularly liked Stuart McFarlane's butterfly room dividers (well, that was my interpretation anyway) made out of recycled plastic.
After 3 hours of walking we wove our way back home, stopping at the Kings Cross market to by Gozleme's for lunch and a book by Murakami from the chatty second hand dealer, then we all headed upstairs to crash out for an afternoon nap.

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