Thursday, October 23, 2008

bits and birds

My sister-in-law, the lovely Janan, made me a couple of Spool birds for my birthday. I've sewn them onto a branch I found down at Rushcutters and they're so sweetly sitting on our sideboard. Thank you Janan. They're so much nicer than the Ibis that parade up and down on our balcony (I'm positive I heard one squawking expletives the other day... is it true they can mimic?).

This is a sweet mobile I made for Ziyas room this week (not the best photo sorry!). His room needed a little TLC and finally it's sorted our with hand made tags for all of this clothing draws. I made it out of scrap paper from magazines, postcards and postage bags, sewn together on my trusty machine. He loves looking at all the colours and shapes. So, it's quite a winner.

I did it. I have sewn the zipper into the sleeping sheet with great success thanks to Rudolf. It's all ready to go... however, due to a lot of fitfull sleeping we've had to go back to basics and start swaddling the little man. So, it's not currently needed. He's 6 months old today, I can hardly believe it.

We had a night out and went to see a film last night, Caramel. It's set in Beirut and it's a playful tale of 5 woman who work in a beauty parlor. We both really enjoyed it and enjoyed the time night...on our own....with time to sit and sip tea in the Berkelouw Books Cafe, pre film. Bliss.

(P.S. I so loved Rudolf's course, aside from the side splitting laughter and, I've never sniffed a chair before or made a poncho quite like Jane's...., I learnt to sew in a way I've never been known to sew before. It's a lot of fun and I'd highly recommend the course to anyone thinking of up-ing their sewing skills...even Colette from Tessuti is taking a class with Rudolf. He's a total whiz.)


Jubs said...

Hee hee Hee. Glad you found a branch. I have finished Angus', now to find some branches for him! Jubs xo

Jubs said...

PS. Love the mobile clever girl.

66 Stitches said...

Thanks Jubs! I'll make one for Angus too. xoxo

Francesca said...

how special are those nights out together post-baby! i always appreciate them so much.

ladle said...

love the mobile - you'll have to give me instructions for my next production!