Friday, October 24, 2008

I got gifted

I'm so very lucky. Look at these amazing gifts. The tea towel was made by Suzy and it looks great hanging in our kitchen....I love it. The L.F. has been told it's not for use. The last lovely tea towel I hung up, a Third Drawer Down creation, was used to bring a meat tray in from the barbie...can you imagine my horror! I'm still trying to remove the stains.

The clutch was a birthday present from the Ladle. It's a Naughty Agapanthas and it seems to be premanently strapped to my wrist, even when it doesn't quite go with my outfit.

This Green to Grow bottle was a gift from Mel at The Hip Infant. I looked for these...pre Ziya...and couldn't find any in Australia. So here we have it. These Green to Grow bottles are made from PES plastic, giving them a natural golden glow. The bottles are Bisphenol A and Phthalate free (suspected hormone distrpting chemicals found in polycarbonate plastic)! So, we now have complete peace of mind that there is no leaching of nasty chemical into Ziya's milk. Thanks Mel!!
The Future Earth has written a great post on Plastic Baby Bottles without Bisphenol A and You can find the Green to Grow bottles here.

Thank you all for your generosity! Each gift is very much loved and appreciated. xoxo


Ellieboo said...

What great gifts - I adore the apple tea towel - I hope you manage to stop this one actually being used as a tea towel!! I mean really :)

bkhdesign blog said...

I hope you are well! Dinner was fun! I have been busy with pyd designer markets.Very exciting!
We will have to catch up before Xmas!

ladle said...

glad you like the wristlet ladle

Marina said...

Thanks for the info about the baby bottles! I have been trying to find some "non-toxic" ones for when weaning time comes around!

66 Stitches said...

Lovely to hear from you all. I know it's a crime isn't it using a tea towel to dry dishes! I mean, what the?
Hi Bettina, was going to come down to Dank st on sunday and say hello but time got away from me. I hope it was a huge success.
Yes ladle, I really do love it.
Yay Marina for "non toxic" your bub will be very happy.

Christie said...

The whole baby bottle issue is scarey! We switched to glass a while back, but those plastic bottles look great too, great gift!