Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sleeping Sack

I've been working on a summer sleeping sack for Ziya. Practicing my new sewing techniques from Rudolf's course. It's coming along a lot faster than my projects normally do, which is a good sign. But I've come to a little hitch...the zipper!
We have yet to do zippers in class and prior to this sewing course I was blissfully unaware there was even a foot dedicated to zippers.
When they asked how I normally sew in my zippers. I replied that 'I just plough through....a little like someone driving mono on the footpath.....or else I avoid them like the plague'. So, it's obvios I'm no sewing efficionado. I'm just hoping that with a little more practice I wont be such a total novice.
It's been fun getting to know my machine. I usually treat it like a hijacked car, driving it as fast as possible to get to where I want to go before everything ends in one big disaster.
It's quite silly to be terrified of a sewing machine really... so I'm very pleased we're starting to get along a lot better these days. Now for the zipper!?


Open Rhodes said...

Maybe you don't need a zip in Z's sleeping sack. You could just wrap him nice and tight like a straight jacket! I reckon your one is much cuter than the ones being sold in the shops. Ella still looks like she's wearing a camping size sleeping bag.
Niki said she had a look at your blog today and said we looked like we had fun on the vintage tour. xx

Hoppo Bumpo said...

You made me laugh when I read the bit about treating your machine like a hijacked car - that's hilarious!

Your sleep sack looks fantastic. Hope you get to do zippers in your course soon. Rudolph's course looks amazing, so I'm sure you'll have lapped and invisible zips mastered in no time!

Suzy said...

That is such a cute sleeping sack, and the sewing course sounds great.

I hate zippers too - Ali really needs another sack for daycare, but I've been putting off making it because of the dreaded zip. I always seem to have to unpick them 4 or 5 times.

66 Stitches said...

Oh, I'm so glad other peope have zipper issues too. I think I was dreaming about them last night. I feel exhasuted this morning.

SadieandLance said...

That's a great looking sack. Did you make the pattern up? I bought a pattern for a sleep sack today.

I used to drive my machine like that too, we're better friends these days but I do still like to drive fast! I've got some hilarious stories from my early days sewing.

ladle said...

looking very cute indeed ladle

Bel said...

I have zip issues too! Sometimes I fluke it, but other times... Really lovely to meet you the other night, and looking forward to next time!