Thursday, October 16, 2008


The LF & I started a 10 day detox's only day 2 and I'm exhausted. I'll make this post short because right now all I can think about is fatty food, a glass of wine and a strong coffee. It's crazy. I don' even eat that much junk food but do you think I can stop thinking about it!
Ziya and I took a walk from Potts Point around to the Andrew (Boy) Charlton openair swimming pool (where I had a peppermint tea!). Sitting in the cafe there is just lovely on a beautiful day like today......watching all those amazing bodies doing laps and sunning themselves on the deck below is strangely relaxing.
We then walked onto the Botanical Gardens(where I ate my bean and brown rice salad) and mustered the strength for the return trip home and that hill up from Woolloomooloo.

Now, the couch.

PS. Still no zipper action.

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pen said...

oh you're making me homesick for sydney. even tho currumbin is gorgeous today.