Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brunschwig & Fils

I was lucky enough to come across a pile of Brunschwig & Fils fabric recently which I've put to good use making Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows (are you bored of them yet? I think I'm slightly obsessed)...
The first, you'll see below, as I blogged about it yesterday and #2, the lush apricot corduroy ottoman is here. If you have a chance to visit the amazing Brunschwig & Fils showroom...where else but in High St,, as it's truely mind blowing.


ladle said...

definitely not bored of them, they're amazing and yr soooo clever ladle. am loving the lush orange corduroy one.

Sixty Six Stitches said...

oh your soooo lovely. Thanks Ladle. We'll be able to have one each when you come to visit. xo