Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Here's a little peak at my finished quilt. For more photos take a look at my Flickr.


ladle said...

aaahhh, i remember it well! looks beautiful ladle

Sixty Six Stitches said...

Thank you ladle. All those hours of stitching, at the Picture Box to relieve me from boredom through the winter, payed off. xox

ps. does anyone find blogger comments as annoying as me to use (or am I a bit silly?).

Francesca said...

how odd...i was going to say aaahhhhhh too. that's sisters for you! i love this and i love the quilt your mum started (just had a look at your flickr).

Sixty Six Stitches said...

Hello to The sisters! Thank you both. It was such a buzz to actually finish it. Yes, Mum's quilt is pretty special and very warm...something we'll treasure. x