Tuesday, August 21, 2007

cup cake heaven

Not exactly craft but these are quite a work of art. There are hundreds of recipes and baking tips on this site too. Cupcake Bakeshop is now officially a favorite. I have absolutely no idea which cakes to start with though (thanks again Ladle).
While I'm talking about recipes, I made the slow cooked veal shanks with vegetable and giant couscous from one of my new cookbooks, Saha. If you ever managed to book a table a Momo, before it turned into Jamie Oliver's Thirteen, you'll know just how incredible Greg Malouf's dishes are...I highly recommend the book, especially if you love foods with a Middle Eastern flavor. His website has a number of printable recipes too. Take a look here. (How fantastic is giant couscous, I've never used it before! - ahhh, can you tell I'm excited?).

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