Friday, August 17, 2007

Wreck This Journal

This morning I am quite intrigued by the new book by Keri Smith of Wish Jar, Wreck This Journal–an activity book for creative destruction. I came across it via Natascha s Rosenberg's blog and like her, I too would find the exercises a little disconcerting.....but challenging and..let's face it, somewhat satisfying. I'm such a purist when is comes to books. I hate the idea of making a mistake or even worse having to cross something out. Hence, my (rather boring) dilema about filling in my new address book back here.

Anyway, I'll ponder the quest for creative destruction while I'm hand quilting this morning. I'm almost done quilting this... (my on again off again quilting project. Which has been completely hand stitched and is nearing to an end. Hoorah for hand's like the craft alternative to the slow food movement).

For those of you who love to dance as much as I do. Take a look a Robin, The Dancing Man who makes me want to drive through the Kew junction all day long. There really should be more dancing on the streets. Shake it baby.

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